inspiring and motivational thoughts and poetry


Sometimes…its easy to quit. It can be in any sense in your quit from your study,your job,your relation,your situation etc.but its hard to go on with it. But once you decide not going to easily.collect all your strength and do your best for the last that you will not regret for the rest of your life..that “why i should not try it for the last time.”

inspiring and motivational thoughts and poetry


your attitude towards everything define story of your life. So, have a positive one rather than negative.Just believe in your inner strength and do work on your weaknesses. Surely you will get successful..and your dreams come true


Morning thoughts

This morning isn’t seems so different to any other. All the same things that i seen every day..but, not really.. because this morning i have decided to find live a little live as myself..not to run from my fears..but to face them with more courage..start believing in myself..and be a better version of mine. True…this morning is not the same…because this morning i’m not the same.#life